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A freeware space strategy game


Update 30.11.2012


 New version 1.01f


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click here for download Alone stars version 1.01f



installation needs .NET Framework 4.0,, you can download from Microsoft website



Kliknutím zvětšíte obrázek   Kliknutím zvětšíte obrázek


Alone stars is a realtime 4X space strategy game. You can explore the space, colonize and terraform planets or moons, build huge space station in deep universe, design your own ship. Size of fleets and ships are limited by research level.



  • Application research is a unlimited, but max. application research level depends on "Basic Research" level.
  • Size of ship construction in ground facilities is limited by gravitation planet.
  • Size of ship construction on orbital shipyard is unlimited..
  • Size of ship in design sections is depends on "Ship construction" development.
  • Level of modules in design sections is depends on the given development.
  • Size of fleet depends on "Navigation" development.
  • Number of ground and orbital facilities depends on size of planet.
  • Surface water allows building hydroponic farm and fishery platform.
  • Glaciers resp. each waters allows building hydroponic farm.
  • The occurrence of surface water only in habitable zone.
  • Parameter "Environment" determines the habitability of planet.
  • Happiness and crop yeilds also depends on the habitability of planet.
  • If a planet is habitable, planted forests or lichens improve environmental quality.
  • Planet location in habitable zone improve envirnoment.
  • Stellar classification of stars Velikost(dwarf, giant etc.) determine size of habitable zone .

    Game is development in C# (.NET Framework 4.0)


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